Are you wondering about the Cost to Build a Bowling Alley? Bowling alleys can be an expensive construction project. It demands time as well as money. But no one wants to spend a penny more than they have to! Controlling unnecessary expenses during construction can help to minimize your costs. It’s important to find cost-effective solutions to manage the expenses. But how much does it generally cost? We are here to answer this question.

Want to find out the cost of building a bowling alley but don’t know where to start? Gain insights into the construction costs by diving into this article!

Cost to Build a Bowling Alley in 2024

The cost of a bowling alley can range from $2 million to $8 million. The price variation is mainly due to the location. There are regional differences in market trends. It affects the cost of materials, equipment, and labor. But a rough estimate of the cost is $2 million- $8 million. The construction expenses are divided into the following categories so you can gain a better understanding of them:

Securing Land

The location of the bowling alley matters a lot. It is directly related to the revenue it will generate in the future. The land for the bowling alley should be selected carefully and under serious consideration. It can cost you about $500,00 to $2,000,000.Rural areas are going to cost less than urban areas. However urban locations tend to attract more customers. 

Along with the location, the size of the construction land is also going to affect the cost. If you are looking for a larger area, it is going to cost you more. Building a 12-lane or 24-lane bowling alley is going to require more area. So it is better to have a blueprint of the construction building before purchasing the land. While Construction Estimation these costs need to be considered as well.

After obtaining the land, you will probably need to clear it out to make it ready for construction. This includes evening the land, controlling soil erosion, clearing out vegetation, etc. These costs should also be taken into account. 

Construction Cost to Build a Bowling Alley 

The construction cost can range anywhere from $1,000,000 to $3,000,000

The construction cost mainly depends on the materials that you will pick out. The quality and quantity of materials, both can impact the total construction cost. For example, going for a wooden bowling lane is more high end but synthetic lanes are more economical. Cost Estimation services can help you determine the right material but the final decision is going to be yours. To determine the cost, one has to first quantify the materials. The number of materials needed is going to depend on the area of the project. So the cost to build a bowling alley is affected by materials. The basic materials required for a construction project are

  • Masonry (brick, stone)
  • Concrete (slabs, footings, pavements, driveways)
  • Lumber (wood)
  • Metal (decking, welding)
  • Paint (coatings)
  • Drywall (drywall sheets, corner beads)

The materials are used for various structural work. A well-equipped bowling alley consists of many systems. Some of them are as follows

  • Bowling lanes 
  • Flooring 
  • Seating
  • MEP System
  • Restrooms
  • Decor 
  • Paint 

The construction cost of a bowling alley depends largely on the number of bowling lanes you want to opt for. The average cost to build a single bowling lane is going to be about $25,460. The Cost To Build a 12 Lane Bowling Alley is going to be $305,470. If you wish to build a 24-lane bowling alley then that brings your total to $610,944 approximately. So the cost to build a bowling alley is impacted by the number of lanes and the type of material you use for them.


Numerous permits are going to be needed when you are building a bowling alley. Other than that the entire construction process should be by the codes and regulations of the area. One needs to have a good grip on the legal codes to avoid any future problems.

Equipment Needed for Bowling Alley

Apart from the structure of the building, the equipment to make a bowling alley functional is also included in the cost. This will cost you around $300,000-$1,000,000. Some of the equipments are mentioned below

  • Bowling Balls
  • Pins
  • Scoring systems
  • Ball returns
  • Installation of bowling lanes
  • Pinsetters

Every bowling alley needs these systems and cannot do without them.

Furnish Your Facility

Seating and other furniture items are needed in a bowling alley to create a comforting environment for your customers. If you are considering any dine-in or lounge area, then you’ll need furniture for that as well. The average cost of furniture is about $50,000-$150,000.



The cost to build a bowling alley depends on multiple factors. This article provides a range to its readers. A bowling alley can be a good business if the construction cost as well as the maintenance cost is managed. It provides entertainment to people of all ages. Bowling alleys can generate good revenue. So if you are thinking this is the right business for you then do consult a construction estimating service to guide you throughout the projects. These agencies will make your construction go much more smoothly!