Frequently asked questions.

How can I request a quote for my construction project in NYC?2024-04-02T17:41:41+00:00

Just request a quote by contacting us through our website or just directly message us! Tell us about your project details. Our team will directly and quickly reply to you. Do not worry! If you hire us, just consider your NYC construction cost estimating services on a good hand!

What sets your construction estimating services apart from others in NYC?2024-04-02T17:41:25+00:00

The level of accuracy you will experience in our estimates will show why we are so famous and unique in the US industry. Especially in NYC, we have employed our top construction estimating NYC experts to guide contractors and complete the projects with success.

Can you provide examples of past projects you’ve estimated in NYC?2024-04-02T17:41:10+00:00

Yes! Of course! We have worked with multiple clients and estimated numerous NYC projects. Whether it is high-rise residential buildings or commercial office spaces and retail establishments. Just check our portfolio and look at our all consistent best projects in NYC.

How do you ensure the accuracy of your construction estimates?2024-04-02T17:40:54+00:00

We guarantee accuracy in our construction estimating services NYC by using the expertise of our team. They have worked on various projects for more than 15 years. We can analyze project scope, quantity takeoffs, and modern estimating software.

What types of construction projects do you specialize in estimating?2024-04-02T17:40:28+00:00

We narrow down estimating a huge range of construction projects! If you need help with residential, commercial, industrial, and institutional buildings. Our competent and qualified estimating team can assist you in estimating all types of complexities.

How Does SMA Estimating LLC Guarantee Accuracy in Lumber Takeoffs?2024-02-02T11:22:52+00:00

We guarantee you bang-on estimates. Because our lumber estimators study every detail of the project’s plan, specification, and field requirements. All the information is covered without any doubt! Our professionals also use modern tools like Planswift, Bluebeam, and Trimble.

Why Should I Outsource to SMA Estimating LLC?2024-02-02T11:22:23+00:00

Outsourcing Lumber Takeoffs to SMA Estimating LLC is a very wise decision. Because our estimates are error-free and spot-on! Second, our company offers affordable Lumber Takeoff Services. So you will not have to worry about the service fee. Third, we are available online 24/7. You can easily handle all other tasks well.

How do We Handle Quantification for Lumber Takeoff?2024-02-02T11:21:56+00:00

Our all lumber estimating professionals are certified by the American Association of Cost Engineers (AACE) and the Australian Institute of Quantity Surveyors (AIQS). All wood-related projects are quantified by considering the rules and regulations. The quantification process involves every type of lumber. From countertops, and wood veneers to structural timber, cabinets, and more.

Why SMA Estimating LLC is Unique From other Takeoff Companies?2024-02-02T11:21:20+00:00

We are unique and have stood out in delivering Lumber Estimating Services for more than a decade. Moreover, our lumber estimators are highly qualified. They have certifications, industrial knowledge, modern tools knowledge, and years of experience. That makes it possible to solve any type of problem. These all factors into an accurate and reliable estimate.

Who can hire our expert Lumber Takeoff Estimators?2024-02-02T11:20:47+00:00

Our best Lumber Takeoff Services consists of a huge list of clients. Starting from contractors, framers, builders, retailers, millwork contractors, and woodwork contractors to carpenters. The best thing about our services is that we cover all project types. Whether it is residential, commercial, or industrial.

Are you looking for reliable construction estimating services near me?2024-01-11T19:49:42+00:00

SMA Estimating stands ready to deliver top-notch and economical construction cost estimating, estimation services, and takeoff solutions near me. Our team, comprised of seasoned construction cost experts, is committed to providing unparalleled service.

Why do you need to outsource estimating to our construction estimators?2021-12-20T07:13:07+00:00

In the modern construction industry, it is crucial to afford the expense of in-house cost estimating and project control departments as they bear huge costs and quality is compromised. Outsourcing your quantity takeoffs can take a heavy load off your mind and pocket. It can save you a lot of time that can be utilized in other important tasks like expanding your business, biding on more projects, pricing your labor correctly, etc. It can also save money by avoiding the hassle of hiring permanent staff with relevant trade expertise. It also increases productivity.

Outsourcing your plans to our estimating company, SMA Estimating, will help you in minimizing your expense by offering you a timesaving and cost-saving model with relevant experience and in-depth market knowledge. Most construction companies hire our estimators and they work for them. We provide the most accurate and fastest Quantity Takeoffs and Estimates in all divisions of construction including Bid Estimates, Design Estimates, BIM estimate, and conceptual estimates.

Benefits of Outsourcing your estimates & material takeoffs to us!

  • We understand accuracy is important to you.
  • Our estimators provide consultancy for filing competitive bids and manage bidding network profiles of clients.
  • Your company can save 60% expense of estimator.
  • We offer detailed estimates with line item descriptions along with markup plans.
  • We ensure quick turnaround time for the estimate
  • We guarantee the most accurate and on time estimates.
  • We can comply with international standards with great precision.
  • Bid more Win more!
What is the average cost of a construction project?2021-12-20T07:11:25+00:00

Every construction project is different to get a quote. Our expert team of estimators evaluate your plan after uploading your construction project. You can send your construction plans to info@smaestimating.com. Our general ranges of smaller construction projects begin with the minimum range of $200. Prices vary with the size of a construction project. Our monthly packages begin from $1500 to save you 60% of the estimated expense.

What’s the process to send the plans for any construction project?2022-02-25T21:49:14+00:00

It is very easy to sustain with the different plans because you can easily send them through the following ways.

  • You can easily email the plans to the info@smaestimating.com
  • Or you can upload through consulting us by visiting our contact page. Fill the form placed over there or contact us through the live chat popup given below.
What are the types of estimates we deal with for estimating?2021-12-20T07:09:58+00:00

Our experts are specialized in different domains like commercial, residential and industrial projects. Therefore, we perform different estimates that are effective for re-modeling, new construction, multifamily, high-rises, restaurants, mixed-use retail and residential, warehouses and more.

What if I don’t have certain plans for a construction project?2021-12-20T07:09:08+00:00

SMA estimating is reliable enough to deal with every sort of possibility to assist clients. There’s no need to worry about anything because our expert estimators can estimate the cost of a project easily and rely on quantities and drawings given by you.

Is it possible for you to do an estimate if there is a possibility of incomplete drawings?2021-12-20T07:08:22+00:00

Yes, it is possible because we are efficient enough to deal with our different clients to assist in the early stages of planning and design. Our preliminary estimating services deal with certain clients who only have the idea of building a team to estimate the cost of construction so that you can easily purchase accordingly.

What is the main estimating software we use?2021-12-20T07:07:40+00:00

World Estimating is a reliable platform by delivering accurate and cost-efficient results using different software for estimating. Our labor and material pricing come from the usage of the following software.

  • Plan Swift
  • RS Means
  • Blue beam
  • Quest Estimating
  • Fast PIPE
  • Fast DUCT
  • IMHS Marks Systems
  • Trimble
What is your estimated turnaround delivery time?2021-12-20T07:06:39+00:00

Our estimated time of delivery is between 1 – 2 weeks. It depends on the size of a construction project because the average rate of a construction project lies between 12-14 days. We also manage to deal with different projects that demand quick delivery. You just have to notify us of the bid date, and our professional estimators will assist you accordingly. It costs a minor expedite fee so that things go better, and you will receive a quick delivery within a guaranteed date.

What is the average hourly rate of any construction project?2021-12-20T07:05:45+00:00

We are not dealing with projects according to time, and our pricing relies on a per-project basis. Our experts deliver estimates for different busy contractors that demand “on-demand” estimates to complete it. Our contractor’s bid based on a few projects in a month. We provide cost-effective and reliable pricing to save your construction project cost and complete it within a certain time limit.

How can I evaluate estimating samples?2021-12-20T07:05:56+00:00

Yes, you can inspect our estimated samples on every different service page of our website. We have done many estimating projects for different clients like contractors, subcontractors, developers, architects, residential projects, painting, drywall and framing, etc.

Are you exploring reliable “construction estimating services near me”?2021-12-20T06:57:28+00:00

If yes, world estimating is here to provide reliable, and cost-efficient construction cost estimating services, construction estimation services, takeoff services near your locality. We are here with our expert team of construction cost estimators with offices in different regions covering north American, Australian, Caribbean and European regions.

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