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CPM Scheduling Services

At SMA estimating service, we provide premiere CPM scheduling services to help you stay on top of your projects. Contact us today for a consultation!

CPM Scheduling Services

Critical path scheduling (CPM) is a project management approach that analyses time and resources’ scope, needs, and hazards. It aids in planning and scheduling critical tasks and identifying critical and high-risk activities, their durations, and their relationships with other project activities.

The appropriate CPM schedule not only helps to set a budget and predict critical difficulties before they occur, but it also helps to achieve various milestones throughout the project’s lifetime. It efficiently schedules and organizes activities, measures progress, quantifies outcomes, and responds to changes.

SMA Estimating offers exclusive CPM Scheduling services

SMA estimating provides critical path method (CPM) scheduling services for the construction sector, ensuring that your project is completed on schedule and with the least amount of risk possible. Our complete construction scheduling technique simplifies the complicated task and allows you to pick the most lucrative way to complete your project on time and within budget.

Our CPM Scheduling Consultants

Our CPM scheduling consultant works closely with the project teams throughout the whole construction process, from idea to design and pre-construction to close-out. We assist our clients in streamlining their projects by considering all needs, setting budget limitations, and adhering to stringent industry standards and contractual conditions, resulting in increased income and on-time project completion.

Why should you go for our CPM Scheduling services?

In the construction sector, project success is primarily determined by two factors: schedule & budget. As the project’s complexity grows, it becomes increasingly important to manage these two key elements successfully. A well-planned and detailed CPM schedule is the only way to do this. Our project planning expert works with project teams such as the owner, project manager, contractors, and architects to:

  • Prepare a baseline CPM schedule
  • Plan crew and procurement management
  • Analyze expected risks and ways to eradicate them
  • Analyze expected delays and their possible solutions
  • Evaluate progress
  • Evaluate potential pitfalls and errors
  • Resolve disputes and conflicts

What CPM Scheduling Technology do we incorporate?

Our professional staff is skilled in developing and monitoring schedules using the construction consulting software listed below:

  • Primavera P6
  • Microsoft Project
  • Fast Track
  • Sure Track
  • Oracle

Our CPM Scheduling Services Portfolio

  • Baseline CPM Scheduling
  • CPM Schedule Analysis
  • CPM Updating
  • Overall project scheduling
  • Recovery scheduling
  • Linear scheduling
  • Civil work scheduling
  • Material procurement scheduling
  • Window scheduling
  • Narrative Reports
  • Activity Reports
  • Logic Reports
  • S-Curve Analysis
  • Preliminary scheduling
  • Design phase scheduling
  • Construction phase scheduling
  • As-built scheduling
  • Project implementation cost scheduling
  • Construction management scheduling
  • Legal claims consulting
  • Total Float Report
  • Earnings Report
  • Time Impact Analysis
  • Risk Analysis
  • Network Diagram
  • Delay Analysis