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BIM Estimating Services

SMA estimating offers various estimation services for small and big construction projects. Our estimators use the BIM estimating method to give a comprehensive and accurate estimation. Reach us to win more bids.

We apply all the latest technologies and design and create 2D and 3D models for takeoff to get the best and most accurate estimation. We ensure that all the samples and designs we received have the exact cost estimation by applying BIM estimating services

BIM estimating services for the complete and transparent estimations

With years of experience and skilled estimators, SMA estimating offers efficient BIM estimating services. Using all the latest and advanced software provides BIM takeoff solutions to all our clients. Building Information Model or BIM is one of the most commonly used methods to provide accurate information to architects and constructors. It provides a point-and-click method to the estimators that help them 

BIM Estimating services

measure square footage and linear pricing. Cost estimators at SMA estimating can easily create a budget takeoff, including all the costs that will incur during the process. Our estimators ensure that they fulfill their responsibility by creating a complete and accurate model of your construction project. The model is an easy way to make changes that might take, and everyone can access and see the changes made without worrying about the misinformation of steps. This multi-dimensional method improves the project’s accuracy and efficiency of the project, leading to greater productivity. SMA estimating can help you successfully complete your construction project smoothly with cutting-edge BIM technology. We help you get over the hassle of traditional drawings and estimations by replacing them with advanced BIM estimating services.

SMA estimating has experts on the board that help you get solutions for all your estimations-related issues. We use the latest BIM estimating software that helps save your time and money by running an unfluctuating construction project. The certified BIM estimating experts and software help create a model of your project and predict any overlooked factors.

The BIM model provides a better understanding of the project; it lets you see how any change will affect the budget. It allows us to see how and what to do to ensure carrying out a flawless construction project. BIM provides an efficient design of the construction project that is helpful for constructors and architects.

What do professional BIM estimating services have for their clients?

SMA estimating has a team of skilled and expert estimators who offer professional BIM estimating services. They use the latest technology and BIM software to produce the most accurate models for your projects. With years of experience and knowledge, SMA stepped into this field with all the technological advancements. We have helped several commercial and residential projects achieve their targets.

We ensure that you and your architects face no errors or losses; we monitor everything. Our skilled team and estimation experts pay attention to all the activities and affirm that the project will work exactly like the original sample or plan. SMA’s offer par excellence estimation services for all; with strict surveillance and monitoring, help you get the exact and appropriate estimations for your project without any inconvenience during or after the project.

SMA estimating use all the latest and advanced BIM estimating software

Our cost estimators are well-equipped and possess sound knowledge of the latest BIM estimating software. We at SMA estimating ensure that we produce efficient estimation solutions for all our clients. Some of the BIM software that our efficient and skilled estimators use for budget estimation are listed below;

  • BIM Logic
  • Revit
  • Edificius
  • ArchiCAD
  • AllPlan
  • Vector Works