SMA Estimating

Duct Takeoff Services

SMA offers a trustworthy platform for duct takeoff services with a knowledgeable staff of duct estimators. We provide quick and accurate duct takeoffs.

SMA’s Duct Takeoff Services

SMA Estimating is a trusted platform for duct takeoff services. With an expert team of duct estimators, we handle diverse customers and provide them with quick, accurate, and dependable duct takeoffs. Preconstruction duct estimating services play a significant role in securing the timely approval of infrastructure funding and effectively executing building projects. The professional ducting estimation software includes Trimble, FastDUCT, Planswift, and others.

Concrete estimating services

Who Can Get Our Duct Estimating Services?

We do business with various customers, including
Sheet metal contractors
Duct fabricators

We also assist other builders and project estimators. If you are involved in residential, commercial, or large-scale industrial projects, SMA will help with duct estimating services. You may quickly get in touch with us for any estimating requirements, whether short-term or long-term.

What You’ll Get In Duct Estimating?

We use the program RSMeans for the statistics and pricing for the necessary materials and labor to guarantee accuracy in our ducting takeoff. Everything is essentially converted into a bill of material by our drafting plans, which list and describe each component of the ducting project in detail. We are also productive enough to provide our services to facilitate the process from project start to finish. Our primary concerns are purchase price, material replacements, energy expenses, maintenance and repair costs, and downtime costs.
Our duct estimation sheets will include the following things:

Product Names like Duct Types
Duct Size
Duct Material Cost
Labor Cost
Per Equipment Cost
Total Estimated Cost

Custom Estimations For Ducts

We provide a detailed awareness of duct forms and how to manage them to support application needs. Duct forms may be spiral, rectangular, oval, and circular ducts, as well as customized framed.

Custom Estimations For Ducts Systems

Our duct systems and management expertise allow us to design specific duct systems for you with drawings or software and then estimate their precise details.
Duct systems may be:
Supply air ducts
Return air ducts
Fresh air ducts
Exhaust air ducts

Our Duct Design Methods

Our duct estimators design the ducts using the following standard industrial methods.
Equal Friction Method
Velocity Reduction Method
Static Regain Method
All these methods include a lot of technical procedures and measures. We try our best to calculate precise statistics.

What Material Duct Estimating Includes

Our duct estimators will provide you the detailed estimation sheets that may include the cost and quantity of the following things:

Galvanized Steel Sheet
Duct Insulation
Outdoor Insulation
Indoor Insulation
Square Diffuser
Flexible Duct Hose
Grills and Registers
Volume Control Damper
Fire Damper
Sand Trapper