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Preliminary Estimate Services

SMA Estimating ensures that you get success in turning your vision and dreams into reality. Our top-notch preliminary estimate services are based on our core values to provide you with the best estimates in the given timeframe.

Preliminary Estimate Services

Are you searching for the best and most professional preliminary estimate services? Well, you need the best preliminary estimate company named SMA Estimating. Here, we prepare a preliminary construction cost estimate based on drawing plans.

So, no matter if you do not know what is a preliminary estimate and preliminary cost estimation in the construction industry?

We can help you evaluate the viability of your project and communicate effectively with your clients by delivering quick and thorough preliminary cost estimation with square footage costs?

SMA Estimating can offer the most reliable and credible preliminary estimates based on assumptions from previous projects, with 15 years of expertise in the AEC sector and a portfolio of commercial, residential, private, and public projects. Using professional estimating software and our created databases, RSMeans and Craftsmen, we calculate per square foot or square meter costs for completed projects and superstructures. Our location-based database and relationships with local vendors aid in the proper completion of the bill of materials based on a preliminary budget estimate.

How our developed Preliminary Estimate will aid you?

Before producing formal design plans, a preliminary ship cost estimation or conceptual estimate is used to anticipate the project cost and assess the economic viability of the construction project. It aids contractors, real estate developers, housebuilders, and owners to make funding selections, establishing preliminary estimate services, and evaluate early design options.

As preliminary cost estimates are completed before the actual design and construction of a project, they are primarily based on past project data that has been adjusted for time, location, and size and created using engineering concepts.

There are numerous forms of preliminary cost estimation, and you can utilize them at various points in the project’s lifespan. The amount of information given by the customer determines the accuracy of these estimations.

Other Preliminary services we offer include
What Are the Benefits of Our Preliminary Estimate?
When you outsource your estimates to us, you get the following!
  • Affordable estimates
  • Prompt turnaround times (24-48hrs)
  • Expert estimators certified with American estimator organizations like AACE & AIQS
  • Reliable and precise estimates
  • 24/7 customer support