SMA Estimating

Painting & Coating Estimating Services

With the aid of our knowledgeable and skilled painting estimating service, SMA has specialists to provide you with a high-quality painting estimate.

Painting & Coating Estimating Services

Allow us to assist you with rapid and accurate painting estimating services to enhance your efficiency, bid hit ratio, and profit potential, as well as save you time to handle your business’s growth. We have a history of providing painting estimates for residential, commercial, and industrial projects. We have provided interior and exterior painting contractors with the exact statistics to develop quality bid estimates and land more contracts while minimizing rework and waste.

Concrete estimating services

In our takeoff of painting, the quantity of interior painting finishes for siding, overhanging, soffit, doors/windows, dormers, gables, shutters, rinsing, concrete blocks, etc., and the quantity utilized for external painting for siding, overhang, sofas, and windows is specified correctly.

Our paintings deliverables include:
  • Color-coded plans
  • Material & Labor costs per SF
  • Labor Hours
  • Takeoff Excel Spreadsheets
  • Working hours, bids summary, including total costs, overheads, profit %, etc.
We provide a full range of painting takeoffs, including wall coverings and floor coatings, as well as the following painting and coating finishes:
  • Graffiti-Proof Coatings takeoff
  • Elastomeric Coatings Fire-Retardant Coatings takeoff
  • Unique Coatings takeoff
  • Concrete Coatings takeoff
  • Stucco Coatings takeoff
  • Masonry Coatings takeoff
  • Mold-Resistant Wall Coatings using Elastomeric Coatings takeoff