While talking about the construction industry in the United States has been developing speedily because there are numerous opportunities in the market. People in this country need residential places, commercial offices, and other lands to develop.

The numbers confirm our claim about the progress of the construction industry. For example, spending on construction was more than $1 trillion in 2017 and 2018. The Covid-19 Pandemic also affected this industry, but after it, the industry started developing again.

Factually, more than 32 sub-industries grow if your construction industry is growing. So, this activity helps improve the country’s economy as well. Until now, we have established our opinion that the construction industry has been growing in the USA. Now, we explore the top-7 construction companies in the United States that contribute the maximum to the US economy.

So, let us start exploring!


At the top of the list, we find Bechtel. This company has been working globally and established its reputation as one of the top construction companies globally. Its headquarters is in San Francisco, and it is assumed that its annual revenues are more than $25 billion. Its biggest contribution to the country is its project of the Driftwood LNG export terminal, which costs $275 billion. Another major project of Bechtel is the Cross rail Elizabeth Line in England.

SMA Construction

It is a relatively new name in the market, but SMA Construction has made its reputation tremendously even in only two decades. Since the early 21st century, SMA has greatly improved, and its engineers and workforce have completed many top commercial and residential projects.

More interestingly, it has grabbed customers’ attention effectively, and while talking about the revenues it has generated, you will find it in the top-5 construction companies of the United States. Its headquarters is in Green Bay, WI, and its total annual revenues are about $10 billion.

Fluor Corporation

Here, we need to mention that top-3 construction companies in the USA change frequently. Fluor is second because it has expanded the environmental services that its clients love. Its head office is in Irving, Texas, and annual revenues are around $19 billion. Bayer’s cell-culture technology center in Berkeley is one of Fluor’s masterpieces, making this construction company an expert in large structures.

Turner Corporation

Sometimes, you will find Turner Corporation at the top, but currently, it is in the third position with total revenue of $10 billion. Its headquarters are in New York, and Turner has contributed a lot to developing the country tremendously.

The projects that make Turner Corporation one of the biggest construction companies in the USA are Rams Stadium in Los Angeles, Yankee Stadium in New York, and Madison Square Garden. These projects confirm that Turner Corporation has the expertise to shape the cities with the most beautiful landmarks.

Kiewit Corporation

With headquarters in Omaha, NE, Kiewit is in the fourth position on our list. While discussing the oldest construction companies in the USA, it is one of the oldest companies in the United States and has roots in 1884. It started as a small firm in the 19th century and has become one of the most stable construction companies in the United States.

The biggest project under its belt is the Seattle Light Rail Expansion Project, which made Kiewit one of the most reliable construction firms in the USA. Its revenues are $11 billion and at the fourth position.

Whiting-Turner Contracting

Remaining in the top-7 construction is itself an achievement. However, when you find companies like Whiting-Turner on the list, you understand how reputation and goodwill work. Since 1909, Whiting-Turner has served the United States through its outstanding construction services.

Although it is at the 6th position currently, while exploring its performance in recent years, we cannot ignore that it has contributed a lot to society through the Port Covington waterfront project in Baltimore and many other projects that cost billions of dollars. The headquarters of Whiting-Turner is in Baltimore, MD, and revenues are about 8.7 billion dollars.


Due to its impressive performance in delivering excellent water and energy projects, no one can ignore AECOM. With its huge workforce and employees, who are more than 45000, AECO has developed some great projects in recent years.

Its headquarters is in Los Angeles, CA, but it has completed million dollars projects in the United States and the UK. AECOM is considered one of the most admired companies globally. It is at the seventh position on our list, and its revenues are about $7 billion.

The Bottom Line

We have mentioned the top-7 construction companies in the United States above. So, if you want to construct huge projects or have been trying to get something unique, you can partner with any of these companies and fulfill your dreams. Moreover, you can understand the importance of the construction industry in the country’s development.

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