Multiple Construction Estimating Software assisting estimators and contractors to generate spot-on construction estimates. Do you know inaccuracy in cost estimates cost 5% of your project’s profit? Also, manual methods are not reliable because there is a possibility of calculation errors. That is why in the current era, depending on digital solutions is the key! Do not leave your construction projects on guesses. Invest in advanced estimating software and guarantee 100% accurate results to your clients.

Construction estimating software uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to access historical data and predict estimates. However, it is the best way to analyze past similar projects and predict future figures. Various residential estimating software is used by contractors to calculate accurate cost predictions. In this article, you will get to know about 10 powerful advanced software and its features. Keep reading and explore different options and choose the most suitable one for your project. 

If you want to discover the future of construction estimating then Dive into our comprehensive guide on the 10 most powerful construction estimating software tools! 

What are the features of Good Construction Estimating Software?

Reasonable Packages

You must search for software that offers a reasonable package with high accuracy. Also, aligns with your construction budget as it is the best investment so far.

High-Quality Results

Choose an estimating software that guarantees accurate results that must include accurate cost predictions of labour, materials, and other construction-related expenses.

It must Have a User-Friendly Interface

Make sure that the interface of the software is easy to use and understandable. This will help reduce training time and eliminate the need for external tech support.


Most of the time you have to connect other management tools and accounting software with the estimating software. That is why make sure that it offers to integrate easily.


You must choose software that can operate complex projects whether it is residential, commercial, or industrial. 

Top 10 Estimating Software Tools in 2024!


  • It offers Accurate Construction Cost Estimating by measuring and counting from the project blueprints.
  • This company promises to generate accurate estimates in the quickest time.
  • It assists in handling suppliers and subcontractors for construction bidding.
  • Automates scheduling, change orders, and contract creation.
  • Supports invoicing, purchase orders, and QuickBooks integration.

Clear Estimates

  • It has access to more than 15,000 line items with material and labour costs.
  • Consists of 160 customizable templates for every type of project types.
  • Has Automated professional proposals with pre-written contract language.
  • It has a user-friendly interface.

 Buildxact Software

  • It assists in creating precise quotes with up-to-date pricing.
  • Manage leads efficiently.
  • Enhance communication with clients.
  • Keep projects on track with detailed scheduling.
  • Simplify the invoicing process.
  • It helps to connect with dealers for real-time pricing updates.


  • Buildertrend helps in scheduling, daily logs, change orders, to-do lists, and warranties.
  • Have access to accurate estimates, budgeting, bids, bills, purchase orders, financing, payments, and invoices.
  • It offers to handle the tasks related to sales management
  • The mobile app is available for on-the-go project management.

Sage Software Features

  • Sage software helps in cloud-based financials, operations, HR, payroll, and planning.
  • Comprehensive management for construction and real estate.
  • Easy-to-use accounting software for small businesses.
  • It has a comprehensive HR management software.


  • Perform fast and accurate takeoffs
  • Connect office and job site
  • View and markup plans
  • It has a centralized hub for easy plan access
  • It gives access to track projects and creates reports.


  • Procore is considered to be the top estimating software indicating its reliability and effectiveness.
  • Procore’s active development team ensures that their software is regularly updated, addressing glitches and improving functionality.
  • This tool offers a full suite of construction management tools, making it a versatile choice for contractors.
  • You can handle the simplest to most complex projects with the help of this estimating tool. 
  • Prices are considered to be higher than the other software. 


  • PlanSwift helps contractors easily measure and quantify materials needed for their projects.
  • User-friendly interface, making it easy for new users to learn and navigate.
  • It consists of a wide selection of estimating and reporting tools, 
  • You can have access to a 14-day Free Trial
  • The packages of this software are reasonable. 


  • ProEst offers in-depth takeoff tools, suitable for larger contractors.
  • It is highly customizable, allowing users to tailor cost databases, proposal templates, and more according to their preferences.
  • Users can collaborate with other estimators simultaneously on the same project because of its cloud-based feature.

 Houzz Pro

  • It assists users to visualize and plan their projects in three dimensions.
  • Houzz Pro is an estimating software that helps users manage project timelines efficiently
  • Its premium account offers additional features
  • This software can help generate leads for residential contractors.
  • It is designed specifically for residential contractors, focusing on their unique needs and requirements.
  • Other than estimating jobs, it helps to emphasize generating leads, which can be valuable for contractors looking to grow their businesses.

Explore these powerful construction estimating software tools today and take the first step toward more efficient and successful project management! Transform your construction business now!

Final Thoughts!

Perfect Construction Estimating Software is the main factor that helps to win more bids and earn more profits. It assists in reducing the overall estimation time and quickly predicts accurate takeoffs. That enhances the accuracy level of every type of construction project. Contractors must use the discussed estimating software to avoid over or under-budgeting and delays. This way you will not lose any project due to quick and precise estimates. Remember, to choose the right software that matches your estimation needs. Otherwise, you will end up investing in the wrong software and your money will be wasted! 


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