Money is important if you want to bid on a project. But to properly make use of it, you need an estimate of the costs of the project. Some might suggest that you just invest in a project, but that is not the case here. For your bid to function, you need proper estimates. These will help you get an idea of how much will it costs and what resources are needed to function. The main purpose of this article is to give you insight into all the common mistake people tend to do when bidding for a project. It is best for you to avoid them and hire a professional to get the job done. Keep in mind that one bad estimate on a project will not cause your business to end. In this article, we will talk about the common mistakes to avoid while using cost estimating services, and how we can avoid them.

Common Construction cost estimating mistakes

Multiple bad calls could be the reason behind it. Aiming isn’t the answer, hitting the target every time is. Getting Accurate estimation is never an easy task. And Good cost-estimating service is worth every penny. However, to deliver on your promise, you need to account for many variables that come into play. Nailing down accurate labor and material costs are the least of your worries. But worker’s productivity is.  They help you get the necessary takeoff measurements that you require. Your overhead must be pristine and must have risk contingencies in place. Consistent bad mistakes may lead to a bad bid. You will not be able to make a profit as the bid is either too high or too low. Here are some common Construction cost estimating mistakes and how to avoid them completely.

Not Conducting a Site Visit

Almost all bidding opportunities provide you with a chance to attend a pre-bid meeting. You also get to visit the job site. To submit a successful bid, these are mandatory and for good reason behind it. Not every job site you get to visit is identical and should always check the site conditions. This may give you a perspective if the bid is cost-effective or not. When conducting a site visit, your best goal is to take measurements, inspect the topography and take soil samples. There are critical. Space plays an important role, which is why it is wise to check for road access and traffic to the site.  Environmental concerns can come into play as well. Make sure your subcontractors visit the site as well. This helps them to evaluate for themselves and help factor in any additional costs you might have to incur. Cost estimating services can be properly leveraged if you conduct a site visit.

Inaccurate Takeoffs

Your takeoffs are important as they lay the foundation for your estimates. If they are incomplete or inaccurate, they can throw a wrench into your estimates. Accuracy is key here, as it helps you determine the exact quantity of resources that you may require. This is a necessity as it helps you determine your labor as well as equipment needs. So, missing them may result in overestimation. This could cause you not to win the bid, or you might win the project but has a risk of generating zero profit.

SMA Estimating LLC provides accurate takeoff which you can rely upon. Doing manual takeoff can be time-consuming and hiring us to do them is your only viable option. We rely on a variety of tools to generate the cost-estimating services which can help you successfully bid for the project. With us, you can win every time. So why wait to reach out to us and let us win together?

Labor Costs

Labor costs are the most important and the most difficult to evaluate. Your estimate needs to be accurate and so does your labor costs. Several variables come into play when it comes to estimating labor costs, such as the number of resources available for the project, their experience, rate of pay, and how well they function. Each helps calculate a proper estimate. Keep in mind that an experienced resource may make a high salary but are more productive than workers with a low salary. This means several high-salary workers can get the job done at a faster pace than low-paid salary workers. You must focus on the hours it takes to complete a task. Wages are important, and you must keep them on file if these resources require any.  Keep records of job costs. These will help in future projects. Cost Estimating Service helps you accurately define labor costs.

Materials and Supplies Costs

Building materials and supplies are important costs. Accurately estimating them can be hard. Prices for materials fluctuate more than you can imagine. The demand for these materials is high, and tariffs play a critical role in their prices. Setting up relationships with your product and manufacturers and suppliers is fruitful. They can help you lock in accurate prices while your estimate starts to take form. An adequate amount of resources available to your suppliers help you fulfill your order and deliver the project on time. Costlier delays caused by not having the resources will hurt your bottom line.

Failing to Evaluate your risks and contingencies

Risks are common for every construction project. To make sure a cost estimation works, do a risk assessment. In truth, this helps you in your bidding process. A good cost-estimating service can help decide if the project for which a person is bidding is risky or not. Failing to do the above can lead to unforeseen circumstances you have no control over. In any event, you won’t likely be able to recoup the losses that occur. Mitigating these risks is important as they help get the project on the road.

Making Guesses

Gambling on your bids by making guesses in your estimate can be your downfall. Tacking all job costs on every project helps you to make accurate estimates and bids. Using the current data available, you can create precise job costs for labor, material, and equipment. Always factor in overhead and soft costs like inspections. The workforce should be able and willing. And your equipment for the project is ready. Having not accurate resources can eat up your profits faster than a termite-eating wood.

Not reviewing your hard work

Mistakes are common, but doing them again and again is the definition of Insanity. Small mistakes and omissions might not have an impact, but bigger ones can put a dent in your profits. It is best to carefully review your hard work and double-check your measurements. Good math is important. You also require time to put in your estimate and bid to be compiled. Rushing to meet your bid deadline can be disastrous. Profit generation is always determined by your estimates. It is wise to review your subcontractor’s estimates. It is best for you to make them understand which project you want them to bid on and compete. This resolves a duplication in work.


These mistakes may hurt your business in the long run. The best way to avoid them is to rely on Cost Estimating Services offered by SMA Estimating LLC. We provide not only the accuracy but also estimates which will help you win your bids in no time. We are preferred by many not because we must, but because we can.

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