In the United States Cross Laminated Timber is becoming famous for building a variety of construction projects. It is a type of softwood that was made in the 1990s in Europe. What makes it unique from other types? CLT is unique because of its strength which is considered to be equal to concrete. It’s quite lightweight, which is definitely a positive aspect. It is used for building various things like roofs, walls, and ceilings and for other lumber needs. 

Lumber is an essential part of your home. It is used to build appealing furniture, wardrobes, cabinets, ceilings, and much more! If you are starting to construct a building and are muddled in estimating total lumber cost. There is a simple solution! Contact any reliable company that provides accurate Lumber Takeoff Services. These services will free up your mind for other building work. Output? You will get accurate cost and amount of CLT, you have to use.

Everything compliments each other in a building to make it a better place to live in. It can be your MEP systems, lumber work, and your garden. It can be anything! But if you have not used quality materials, then clearly you will see the consequences later. Make sure whatever you are buying, it should be of excellent quality. First research which things are in trend and why they are so famous. What are their benefits? Just like nowadays, CLT is so popular and people are investing in it.


Explore the Advantages of Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) For Your Construction Projects! Discover How CLT Revolutionizes Building Techniques With Its Functionalities!


What is Cross Laminated Timber (CLT)

<span style=”font-weight: 400;”>CLT is put together by gluing the layers of a solid wood sheet. You can say it resembles plywood. How are they arranged? Well, this wood has a layering pattern that is arranged at a crisscross angle. This method makes it very strong by nature. Total layering is of almost 3-6 layers. Some are thin and some are thick. You can push or pull it with heavy strength. CLT will not break because of its layering of wood sheets.

CLT as pre-cut plywood is assembled in a company. After that, it is brought to the construction sites to arrange them according to the use. These look like panels. If you want to do door work, plumbing, or electrical work. These panels are ready to be worked on! It is easy to fit wood for all types of purposes.


5 Benefits of Building with CLT

Fire Resistance

CLT is unique due to its capability of fire resistance power. If it is exposed to fire or flames. The CLT outer layer acts as a shield for the inner layers because the outer layer forms a protective char. Char is basically also a layer, when it is exposed to fire it forms a layer. What happens then? The scattering of fire slows down instantly and protects the other layers.

This functionality of CLT makes it unique from others. If all the panels layering is thick, it can protect the inner layers for a longer time. Some CLT manufacturers also put special coatings to make it perform better. Building rules tell you to have high fire resistance layers so that the fire disperses slowly. So, CLT is a perfect option to choose for use in your building, especially for tall buildings.

Flexibility in Design

Using CLT in your building brings a lot of freedom in design. As it is light in weight and yet stronger than others. Designers can build strong and big floor slabs, walls, and huge ceilings! The higher thickness of the CLT panels makes the fewer things inside to hold them up. If you are a person that needs super fine detailing. You can CNC machines to cut CLC panels which makes the process easier.

Your construction cost can be lowered by the use of CLT panels. How? CLT weight is lighter than concrete and steel. So, it puts less pressure on the building’s base. This is how the overall cost is reduced. 

Thermal Benefits of CLT

The biggest advantage of using CLT in your buildings is its thermal functionality. The way these panels are built from strong timber helps the building to keep in steady temperature! If the fittings are accurate and have big panels, there are fewer gaps in joints. This makes the building more airtight.

What is the benefit of tight joints? Those types of buildings that have CLT panels in them save a lot of energy. So, your decision to invest in CLT panels is a good choice! You also spend less on insulation. Overall, your building will be a comfortable place that saves energy and makes your spending less.

Faster Construction with CLT

You get faster construction with CLT panels. This is a quite good benefit for the building owners and also for the builders. As these panels are huge, it can be put together quickly which saves a lot of time! When you compare these panels with concrete processes. Concrete needs extra materials like molds and steel. Whereas in CLT panels, you just need a crane to lift panels and connect them. When you think about this deeply, It has a lot of benefits.

Your construction time will be saved. Your neighbors will be less disturbed and project completion time will also be early. So, opting for CLT panels to build your construction buildings is an excellent choice.

Efficient Construction

Other than being faster than others. The work of CLT panels is tidier too! Why? Because CLT panels are pre-cut by the company and are then arranged on the site. The leftover material is also in very small amounts. These leftovers are taken back by the company owners, which means less mess. For doing this work, fewer workers are needed to quicken the process. That is why this type of efficient construction has significant importance in the industry. 



The above-discussed points clearly tell you that CLT panels are very good for making your environment better. Its benefits are not ignorable. Even if the cost of such a type of efficient construction is higher, you should invest in such things. To live a better and cozy life! When more people will look at the result of Cross Laminated Timber panels. Its uses will go up soon.