Some people think that there are limited options for Career Paths in Plumbing. That is so not true! Because when you think about being a plumber, you may think it is just about fixing a pipe. But no! There are a lot more options in this field. It depends on your qualifications and skills that either you get a profitable job or high-end paying projects. In the construction industry, there are a bunch of options you can avail for finding your career in it. 

Plumbing systems of the buildings somehow require fixing or installation very often. If someone believes, there are not sufficient jobs in plumbing. That’s a lie! If you are skilled and competent enough, you can start your plumbing business. Besides that, you have the opportunity to find a job. There are multiple job options, which will be talked about later in the article. Nowadays, the most trendy one is Plumbing Estimating. Plumbing experts named as plumbing estimators calculate the total cost of your plumbing systems. 

What is the benefit of becoming a plumbing estimator? You get highly paid and this role has potential career growth. With the passage of time, you gain up skills and move up to a better position. So, plumbing is beyond fixing leaks and unclogged drains! There are numerous kinds of career opportunities in plumbing for a rewarding career.


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If you want to get more information on different kinds of career paths in plumbing. You can read this article and then decide on which career you want to choose.


Residential Plumbing

A residential plumber duty is to install or fix plumbing systems in residential buildings. Like houses, apartments, townhouses, or any structure where individuals or families reside. Plumbers have to make sure that residential buildings plumbing systems are running efficiently. Like the running of water properly functions all over the building.

When building owners want to renovate the kitchen or bathrooms. They require the assistance of plumbers to do the job. Similarly, if there is any issue in plumbing, they call plumbers to fix it. What do they install or fix? It can be like sinks, toilets, showers, bathtubs, heaters, dishwashers and much more! They usually work with different pipes like PVC, copper, iron, or PEX. Other than water, plumber’s services also deal with gas issues. 


Commercial Plumbing

Commercial plumbing is also a demanding job. Commercial buildings are more complex and taller than residential buildings like hospitals, schools, malls, and airports. It can have multiple work to be done. Actually, in commercial buildings, there is a big setup of plumbing systems. 

What is the task of plumbers in commercial buildings? Their job is to install very big pipes and water tanks to make sure the water is running smoothly without any issues. They are responsible for managing sewer systems and also fix issues that pop up in complex systems.

If your aspiration is to become a professional commercial plumber. Make sure you get enrolled in an internship program in any company. So that you can have practical skills to learn the tricks and gain skills. Working in commercial plumbing requires more advanced skills than residential plumbing. You need to understand the complexities and how you can handle them.


Repairing Plumbing

Repairing plumbing is also a small and good career path to choose. Repair plumbers are the technicians who fix plumbing problems in both homes and commercial buildings. These types of plumbers are highly skilled in solving complex plumbing problems. A plumber who has not tackled complex problems can never fix issues. 

Repairing plumbers working hours is not fixed. They have to be available on call even beyond the regular time. Because plumbing emergencies are very stressful, sudden action is needed to stop them. So, the plumber has to come quickly and that time, whatever the time is and fix the issue. 


Water Supply Plumber

Water supply plumbers are responsible for tracking the flow of water in either residential or commercial buildings. Water related problems are their basic expertise. Whether it is about clogged toilets or burst pipes. Their job is to fix them effectively. This job career is a good option to start as a plumber. By taking hand-on experience or by observing any professional can help you a lot! You can polish your skills and use them for your future job. 


Sanitary Plumber

Sanitary systems are related to the pipes and systems in your bathroom. Sanitary plumber’s job is all about installing and fixing issues related to these pipes. This job also includes installing or repairing a water heater or boiler in your buildings. From unclogging the bathroom to maintaining the bathtub, everything comes under this job! So, make sure when you choose this career path, work on all the simple to most complex things of the bathroom. So you can work well and well-maintain a bathroom space.

Construction Plumbers

This job is intricate because when a building is being constructed. A lot of things have to be taken care of when you install plumbing systems. Construction plumbers help in planning the plumbing system. They make sure the water system in the building flows accurately. 

These plumbers know the exact number of pipe and drainage pipes to be installed. Connecting them to local water reserves for an efficient running system. Plus, if you are choosing to be a construction plumber, you should also know how to set up and test shut-off valves and new water heaters.


Gas Service Technician

Gas technicians are the experts for handling gas distribution in the buildings. These technicians deal with the gas related issues and swap out the defective parts with the right ones. They have knowledge about the specific tools that are used in these types of work. They use tools to manage gas leakage and check if everything is working well or not. Their main work is all about gas.


Project Managers

Project manager job is well paid then the other ones. If you are considering becoming a project manager. It is important that you have perfect knowledge of plumbing systems. Other than that, a project manager must have excellent management skills. Because a manager has to manage multiple workers to see if they are working effectively or not. A project manager has to manage day-to-day operations. There is no space for mistakes! As a manager is responsible to manage important tasks and resolve important problems.


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If you are in the beginning of selecting a Career Path in Plumbing then understanding various types of plumbing is important. Apprehending these various career paths can assist you in choosing the path you want to take! By doing this, you can determine the type of plumber you aspire to be and the specific skills you need. It is all about what works best for you.