This article aims to answer a very common question – What is the Cost to Drywall a House? Drywall is used to make the floor and ceilings of any building whether it is residential, commercial, or industrial. But in addition to plain floors and ceilings, it can also be used to create design features such as arches, eaves, etc. Drywall is used for its durability. Moreover, in case of any maintenance work, it can be easily repaired.


Average Cost to Drywall a House 

Coming to the question at hand, there is no fixed price for the cost of drywall. That being said the average cost is approximately $12,100. This value can vary from house to house. It can range from $8000 to $17,000. It mainly depends on the square footage of the wall. The total drywall cost is impacted by multiple factors. Read down below to find out what they are!

Factors Affecting Drywall Cost

As mentioned above, the cost of drywalling a house depends on multiple factors. Whether you pay $2 or $4 per square foot depends upon your requirements and these factors: 

Type of Drywall

There are numerous types of drywall in the market each having different prices. They come with different specialities to account for the price.

Standard Drywall

Standard drywall also known as regular drywall is the most inexpensive drywall out there. It is most commonly used for home. It does not offer any special resistance. Regular drywall cannot be used for bathrooms or kitchens but is mostly used for bedrooms. It costs about $13 for a 4-by-8-foot panel.

Greenboard Drywall

Greenboard drywall is moisture-resistant. It is used for the kitchen and bathroom. It is not completely waterproof but can control dew. It costs about $16 for 4-by-8-foot panels.

Paperless Drywall

Paperless drywall is more expensive but it offers longer durability and better due resistance. It is less likely to rot and also offers resistance against mould.  It costs about $30 for a 4-by-8-foot panel.

Purple Drywall

Purple drywall is similar to green drywall but it is superior. It offers better resistance to dew and mould. It costs about $15 to $60 (soundproofing options) for a 4-by-8-foot panel. 

Materials Needed for Drywall

There are many materials that go into drywalling a home. The cost of these materials can vary according to the quantity and quality. The decision of quality lies with you, so you can choose cost-effective options as well. The following are the materials needed 

  • Drywall sheets
  • Drywall screws
  • Drywall tape
  • Drywall nails 
  • Corner beads
  • Joint Compound and Tape

A Drywall Cost Estimator can be hired to quantify these materials accurately so that your construction project can go smoothly.

Finishing and Height of the Ceilings 

The finishing of the ceiling depends on your requirements. Finishing may include a smooth finish, texture finish, orange peel finish, and popcorn ceiling finish. A smooth ceiling is going to cost more than a textured one. A textured ceiling takes less time to be completed. Moreover, ceilings that have high height cost more. If your ceiling is around 8-9 feet it’s going to cost less. But if it is 10 feet, the cost to drywall the house will be high.

Other than this, the number of corners can also impact cost. More corners are going to increase costs as they require more work. 

How Does Labour Impact the Total Cost of Drywall a House? 

Labour is a necessity to drywall a house. The cost of the labour depends on the hours that will be put in. If it’s going to take a long time to drywall your house, Construction Cost Estimates increase. Time can increase due to specifications such as a smooth ceiling, more corners etc. 

Moreover, the skillset of the labour can also impact the cost. If there are any complexities or intricacies in the construction project, skilful labour is required. A difficult project can raise the cost. If the drywall demands highly skilled labour it can increase the cost.

Replacement of Drywall 

If you are looking to tear down the previous drywall and install a new one, it will cost you more. Replacing a drywall is more complex than repairing small holes or cracks. More materials are going to be required. Plus it will take more time hence an increased labour cost. This is why the cost to drywall a new house is cheaper than replacing a drywall.

Get a cost estimator now! A professional to calculate the exact cost of drywall for your house is just a click away!  


To sum it all up, drywall is an essential part of the house. It is a worthwhile investment. Selecting a dew-resistant drywall is going to cost you more but it may end up saving you from repair costs. The cost to drywall a 1500 sq foot house varies. But one can estimate the exact cost by going through every little detail. For accurate calculation of cost, it is better to hire a cost estimator. They’ll be able to give you a precise and well-detailed cost of the project. These professionals can guide the project at every step of the way giving suggestions on material, equipment and labour as well.