Every person should have the information of DIY plumbing tools for escaping from the high paid plumbers. You can solve small problems by yourself. Well this is true that there is no other option for bigger problems rather than to call a plumber. But for small jobs like broken pipes, leaks or some clogs, you can repair them by using the right tools. Nowadays, more people are handling their own fixes and this thing is getting popular. 

Calling a plumber can cost you a large amount. Mostly on weekends the rates of these plumbers specially after 5 doubles. If you wish to not pay so much. It is possible to resolve your issues by yourself! The good thing is that the plumbing tools are not expensive. It will be your one time investment that you can use for life time.

Plumbing systems are unpredictable! You never know when a problem can occur. If you already have the correct tools. No need to schedule a plumber and wait for them! If you want to install or reinstall a plumbing system and you’re getting confused in estimating its total cost. You can contact any reputable company that offers Plumbing Estimating Services.


Are You Tired of Paying High Fees to Plumbers? Learn How to Solve Small Plumbing Problems on Your Own With the Right Tools!


Top Must Have DIY Tools


Using a plunger is a very simple and easy job for clogged sinks or toilets. Basically, there exist two types of plungers, one for the sink and one for the toilet. You just have to make sure that it is tightly aligned to the drain, now push in and out to produce pressure. The pressure sends away all the gunk and substances to flow away with water. There is no need to call any plumber for this work.

Fire Resistant Cloth

Fire resistant cloth also acts as an essential diy tool to have it in your box. This cloth is like a flame protective mat. Whenever you are in such a situation in which a fire starts. This cloth can be used to halt the fire’s movement towards other items. For example you are soldering a pipe and suddenly something starts burning. 

You can stop the spreading of fire with this cloth. Because this cloth is made with ceramics and silica thread. They are heat-resistant in nature. So it is a good choice as a DIY plumbing tool.

Teflon Tape

Teflon tape is a very helpful tool for sealing the leaky pipes. It is a very thin white tape. How can you stop leaks? You just have to wrap around the threads of pipes tightly. It will seal the water leaks. It builds a strong connection due to which water stops leaking. This tape is a very special tool, resistant to water, oil and chemicals. It is very cheap. You should keep that in your DIY tools collection.

Basin Wrench

Basin wrench is also a helpful DIY tool that can be fixed by tightening faucets in sinks. Faucets are basically a fixture that controls the flow of water and the nuts help in securing faucets typically down the sink. When you use any normal wrench to tighten up these nuts. You will get frustrated. That is why basin wrench is specifically for this work. Basin wrench has special jaws that grab onto the faucet nut.

Pipe Wrench

Pipe wrench tool is used for DIY plumbing jobs. It has a very secure hold to grip pipes and fittings. Basically it consists of an adjustable jaw that can be loosened or tightened to fit various pipe sizes. 

It is very useful because of its good holding nature! Its long handle makes the job easier and saves you hard effort. For example, if you have to fit different pipe sizes, its versatility eradicates the use of multiple tools at a time. This type of DIY tool is worthwhile for having it in your plumbing toolbox.

Drain Auger

Drain auger tool is a very handy DIY tool. It can help you to clear out the deep clogged pipes and drains. How does it work? Actually this tool has a long flexible cable with a spiral look end. When you insert cable into the pipe, the cable rotates. Then it will move forward. This forward motion will help to clear any blockage. If plunger doesn’t help in opening the blockage. You can use a drain auger to do the work. You will get a fast result in less time. 

Pipe Cutter

As from the name you can guess that a pipe cutter is used to cut pipes. For smooth cutting of pipes pipe cutters are the best DIY tool. If you cut a pipe roughly, you can have leakage issues afterwards. This is an essential addition in your plumbing toolbox. Cutters and shears are types of pipe cutters. Both have their own specific job to do. Like cutters have spinning blades to cut copper pipes. Whereas the pipe shears are for cutting normal plastic pipes. 

For instance you want to install a new sink. To adjust a new one you have to join the sink with a water pipe down the sink. But sometimes the existing pipes are long that need to be cut according to the updated sink. You can use a pipe cutter to finely cut it for required length and make a connection.


Start building your DIY plumbing toolbox today and save money on plumbing repairs! Invest in the right tools and become your own plumber.



If you already have some DIY Plumbing tools in your home. Add these 7 DIY tools in your list to buy. Because now you don’t have to call plumbers and pay big bills for small issues. You can do them by yourself. You just need the right plumbing tool to solve the issue. But remember, if you are facing any complex issue that you can not handle. Call a professional plumber to come and check it.