Mechanical Energy is like power. It is all about the position of the object and how it changes its position. It is divided into two forms of energy. One is kinetic and the other is potential. If you are still confused in understanding. Let’s talk about a stretched rubber band. When you try to pull it back, is it like a loaded spring? Yes! That is the potential energy that is waiting to snap back. After you release the stretch, it flies around you. That is called kinetic energy. Now did you get it?

This world has energy everywhere from the simple movements of daily routine to the powerful forces in big machines! You can say that it is the energy of motion and position that allows things to go and work around us. Working on big machines and understanding them, especially in the construction field is very important. It is necessary for professionals like estimators who deliver Mechanical Estimating. Which estimates how much energy a building requires. 

How do estimators use their knowledge of the dynamics of energy within mechanical systems? They evaluate how potential and kinetic energy works together in a system. Like when estimating HVAC systems, they consider how stored energy in fuel or electricity transforms into energy. 

This knowledge makes them guess the perfect equipment sizes and they predict how much energy the system will use. Basically, having this knowledge helps estimators to make right choices! Due to which they are able to produce accurate estimates for efficient MEP and other systems in the building.

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How does it work?

Let’s discuss how energy works? As mentioned above, there are two forms of energy. 


Potential Energy

Potential energy is stored in any kind of object because of its position. If you are lifting a book off the ground. You have raised it higher from the ground. That’s potential energy! When you talk about a charged battery, there is potential energy stored inside. That energy can be transformed into electrical energy when the battery is connected to your mobile.

Let’s take another example of water stored behind a dam. It also possesses potential energy because of its position. But when it is released this potential energy is converted to another form of energy, kinetic energy. That generates power through turbines.

Kinetic Energy

Kinetic energy is the second form and it is the energy an object possesses because of its motion. You can understand by the example of a moving car. The more it accelerates, the more kinetic energy it has. But when anyone applies breaks, the energy is converted into heat! Secondly, if you have noticed a pendulum swings, it has the kinetic energy as it moves back and forth. You will be amazed to hear that a running person also has kinetic energy. The faster they run the more is the kinetic energy! 


Mechanical Energy in MEP Estimating

Energy is not only about physics! It is also transforming MEP Estimating. It is like a secret to open up the true potential of any project. Energy in mechanical systems helps in calculating spot-on accuracy. But how does this apply in the field of estimating? When the estimators calculate thes cost of the electrical layout of a building along with the know-how of how energy interacts with wiring.

It helps to determine the load-bearing capacity. Similarly, in the plumbing systems, energy guides estimators in sizing pipes and pumps perfectly! It is all about the systems working flawlessly.


Importance of Accurate Estimation

Accuracy in energy estimating is about saving tons of money! If the estimators have given their 100% on calculating each and every cost of the components. A project will be completed on time and within budget! If the estimations are not accurate, the project will face huge problems. Accurate estimation makes sure that everything in the system fits comfortably.


Influencing Estimation Process

Equipment Selection

When the construction managers plan a project to start. They have to choose the right tools and machines to start and execute the whole process. Equipment is decided by knowing how much power is required for the project. Bigger and stronger machines are required if the power required is very high! So, if the engineers understand the power needed. It can help in picking the right equipment, machines and can figure out the cost easily.

Energy Consumption 

There is a possibility in the change of the amount of energy a project requires. That can change how much power the machines would use. Estimators have to meticulously analyze how much energy machines would use. This also influences the cost to run these costly machines.

Maintenance and Repairs 

When the duty is heavy on machines for large construction projects. The machines can get worn out faster. Estimators will also have to keep this in the potential risk list! This means more repairs or maintenance of machines. Means the repairing cost will also be added as an extra expense. So, make sure to keep this thing in check. 


Keep Exploring and Uncovering the Wonders of This Fundamental Force That Shapes Our World!



Mechanical Energy is an incredible force driving power around us all. You can say it is a life force behind every operation. In construction, getting things right is very important. Estimators need to grasp a solid knowledge on energy work in machines and systems. Which can help them to make the right choice, which machine and equipment to choose. All for the accurate cost estimates.