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    Construction Estimating Services

    SMA Estimating LLC offers professional Construction Estimating Services to busy contractors, subcontractors, architects, builders, and homeowners. Our competent estimators are qualified and have 15+ years of experience in this field. Just name the trade you require assistance for! Our company covers construction material estimates for concrete, masonry, earthwork, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and much more. Moreover, you will have access to a team of estimating experts that employ advanced estimating software to generate accurate results. We employ Cost Works Value, FastPIPE, Planswift with their Plug-ins, FastDUCT, Trimble, Bluebeam, RS Means, Quest Estimating, Xactimate, and RFMS for estimation.

    Our cost estimating experts are fully trained and have the certification of these American associations:

    • American Estimators Organization (AEO)
    • The American Association of Cost Engineers (AACE)
    • American Society of Professional Estimators (ASPE)
    • Project Management Institute (PMI)

    That is why our construction cost estimator guarantees to deliver 100% accurate Construction Estimating Services. Our company has employed estimators that can cover all types of development projects. Whether it is a residential, commercial, industrial, or civil project, We never compromise on the quality of the estimates! In short, SMA Estimating LLC is the best platform among other construction estimating companies.

    Why Rely on Our Professional Construction Estimating Company?

    In this competitive construction industry, our name echoes with credibility and reliability in the construction industry. We have built a proven track of providing accurate building estimating services. With our expertise, contractors have won bids and earned profitable projects. From renowned developers to ambitious startups, our reputation is like the go-to construction estimating service that precedes us. Whether you need a detailed takeoff, a comprehensive bid, or a professional consultation. Our Construction Estimating Company is like a one-size-fits-all solution for all your estimation requirements. Whether you are finding the best source for Construction Takeoffs. We are considered the best-estimating company in the US. Following are the services our skilled team is perfect at providing accurate results!

    Construction Estimation Services

    Our company offers expert preliminary and post-estimation services to various clients. Our preliminary estimation process includes feasibility studies, conceptual estimating, budget estimating, value engineering, risk analysis, site evaluation, design development estimating, bid analysis, cost control, change order management, post-bid value engineering, final cost estimating, as-built cost analysis, post-construction evaluation. We cover estimates from the initial phase of the project to the final phase of the project. In short, our pre and post-estimation services assist contractors to make the right decisions for their projects.

    Construction Bid Estimate Services

    Offering Construction Bid Estimate Services

    Our specialized experts are trained and have experience working on bids that give our clients a strategic edge in the US industry. Whether the project is huge like massive airport highways or a small . Our approach to tackling complex projects is unique and helps to increase your construction business. Our company is the only one among various construction estimating firms that guarantees high-quality construction bid estimates.

    Rendering Design Construction Estimates

    Rendering Design Construction Estimates to Designers & Architects

    In the overall estimation process of the project, our estimators are connected with architects and designers. From the initial schematic and conceptual design to the final construction phase. Trust our estimating professionals who not only optimize your budget but also make your decision-making easier. Our experience gives us an edge to accurately quantify the components and make a project successful.

    Dedicated Construction Cost Estimator

    Our dedicated construction cost estimator is qualified and understands the challenges faced by busy contractors. That is why we are eager to help them in managing the project budget well. Also, we track all the things according to the need of the project so that the project does not delay. So, Do not worry about relying on our experts, we are the perfect choice for your project.

    Offering Consultation and Bid Filing Services

    Offering Consultation and Bid Filing Services

    With us by your side, you can enhance your business profile by bidding in the right way! Our construction estimators help clients by providing the right consultation. Our bid filing services include compiling all necessary documentation, such as bid forms, project specifications, drawings, and other relevant information required by the client or project owner. Our quantity surveyors and estimators make sure to bid before the deadline and analyze project needs in detail. So, choose us for bid filing and experience the best outcomes.

    Monthly Construction Estimating Services Packages

    Specialized Construction Estimating Services Monthly Packages

    If you want to save up to 60% then forget about the in-house estimating team. Our construction Estimating monthly packages are super affordable and precise.  You will achieve unparalleled accuracy and efficiency in making the project successful. So, trust our abilities and have access to our premium features at your fingertips with just a single click. Our company services are available 24/7 all over the United States so if you are searching for construction estimating service near me, you will find us in every state!

    Our Amazing Cost Estimation Deal For New Clients!

    We are offering an outstanding deal for new customers by giving 30% off on your first estimate. Be quick and grab this opportunity and do not miss this amazing offer! Just send us your project details and Get a Quote within a few minutes. You will not regret hiring us for construction estimation services!

    Construction Estimating

    Frequently asked questions.

    Are you looking for reliable construction estimating services near me?2024-01-11T19:49:42+00:00

    SMA Estimating stands ready to deliver top-notch and economical construction cost estimating, estimation services, and takeoff solutions near me. Our team, comprised of seasoned construction cost experts, is committed to providing unparalleled service.

    Why do you need to outsource estimating to our construction estimators?2021-12-20T07:13:07+00:00

    In the modern construction industry, it is crucial to afford the expense of in-house cost estimating and project control departments as they bear huge costs and quality is compromised. Outsourcing your quantity takeoffs can take a heavy load off your mind and pocket. It can save you a lot of time that can be utilized in other important tasks like expanding your business, biding on more projects, pricing your labor correctly, etc. It can also save money by avoiding the hassle of hiring permanent staff with relevant trade expertise. It also increases productivity.

    Outsourcing your plans to our estimating company, SMA Estimating, will help you in minimizing your expense by offering you a timesaving and cost-saving model with relevant experience and in-depth market knowledge. Most construction companies hire our estimators and they work for them. We provide the most accurate and fastest Quantity Takeoffs and Estimates in all divisions of construction including Bid Estimates, Design Estimates, BIM estimate, and conceptual estimates.

    Benefits of Outsourcing your estimates & material takeoffs to us!

    • We understand accuracy is important to you.
    • Our estimators provide consultancy for filing competitive bids and manage bidding network profiles of clients.
    • Your company can save 60% expense of estimator.
    • We offer detailed estimates with line item descriptions along with markup plans.
    • We ensure quick turnaround time for the estimate
    • We guarantee the most accurate and on time estimates.
    • We can comply with international standards with great precision.
    • Bid more Win more!
    What is the average cost of a construction project?2021-12-20T07:11:25+00:00

    Every construction project is different to get a quote. Our expert team of estimators evaluate your plan after uploading your construction project. You can send your construction plans to Our general ranges of smaller construction projects begin with the minimum range of $200. Prices vary with the size of a construction project. Our monthly packages begin from $1500 to save you 60% of the estimated expense.

    What’s the process to send the plans for any construction project?2022-02-25T21:49:14+00:00

    It is very easy to sustain with the different plans because you can easily send them through the following ways.

    • You can easily email the plans to the
    • Or you can upload through consulting us by visiting our contact page. Fill the form placed over there or contact us through the live chat popup given below.

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    Why Choose SMA Estimating LLC for Construction Estimation?

    Contractors face numerous challenges that demand a reliable solution for successful project execution. One of the most critical aspects is accurate cost estimation and budget management. Because miscalculations can lead to costly overruns, delays, and compromised project outcomes. Moreover, contractors often struggle with the overwhelming workload, making it challenging to focus on precise estimations, quantity takeoffs, and bid preparations while meeting tight project deadlines.

    SMA Estimating LLC, among the top construction estimating companies, is the answer to all your estimation challenges. Our professional Estimators are designed to support busy contractors like you, providing precise and timely construction cost estimates. Our team of expert construction estimators and quantity surveyors brings extensive industry knowledge and proficiency in the latest cutting-edge tools, ensuring that your projects are handled with utmost precision and accuracy.

    Due to a lack of construction estimating resources and time, many contractors lose an average of more than $450,000 per month by failing to bid. Through our construction estimation resources and time, SMA Estimating is right away here to offer estimates to contractors so that they may bid higher and save money on estimating costs.

    Leveraging the latest technology, including advanced software and tools, we stay at the forefront of the industry, delivering superior results that stand out from the competition. With SMA Estimating, you gain access to a supportive partnership that guides you throughout your construction journey. Your success is our priority, and we work collaboratively to meet your needs, provide insights, and offer expert support whenever you need it.

    Win Every Bid with Ease!

    If you are working as a new contractor in this field then you must know that accurate estimates can only let you win bids. SMA Estimating LLC is the best construction estimating provider that guarantees to win every bid with ease! You will never lose a bid again! Trust our competency and never waste your money. During the estimation process, our estimators are linked with all the stakeholders to keep an eye on everything. That is why there is no chance of mistakes and we provide error-free estimation to contractors.

    The quickest turnaround time

    At our company, we take pride in offering construction estimate services and quantity takeoff services with an incredible turnaround time of just 24 to 48 hours.

    24/7 Customer Support

    We offer 24/7 customer support, ensuring our team is always here to assist you.

    Prices that are within your reach

    Our Construction Estimates and Quantity Takeoffs Start at Just $40-$50/Hour, Tailored to Your Project’s Needs.

    Estimators with Certification

    Our Team includes a Quality Estimating Consultant with Proven Credentials and a Wealth of Experience. We Leverage Tools like Plan Swift, Bluebeam, Trimble, Accubid, RS Means, Cost Works, and Quest Estimating to Deliver Precision and Efficiency in Every Estimate. Whether you are a contractor, subcontractor, architect, engineer, or owner, we can provide you with reliable and affordable construction estimating services for any project size and scope.

    Precise and Elaborated Details

    Accuracy is our top priority in every estimate we provide. To achieve this, we employ the most up-to-date software and implement a thorough procedure of double-checking by Senior Estimators, ensuring that errors are avoided. Our built-in building cost database, featuring over 10,000 items categorized by zip code, enables us to price materials with precision.

    Professional Team with a wide range of skillset

    Our estimation team is composed of a diverse group of highly skilled professionals who bring a wealth of expertise to the table. From estimators with a sharp eye for detail to engineers who understand the intricacies of construction, field specialists with practical knowledge, and project managers with excellent organizational skills – we have it all covered.

    Accurate Construction Cost Estimation Services

    If you are in search of remodelling estimating, new construction or repairing estimates, SMA Estimating LLC is a perfect source of accurate construction Cost Estimation services. Our construction cost experts include all the CSI divisions for the development process!

    MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing) Estimating is the most important thing for any new installation or repair. If you want a dedicated team that provides accurate Electrical estimates then contact us. Our cost experts estimate the cost of conductors, fuses, and many more components accurately. Also, our cost consultants estimate HVAC systems, piping systems, ductwork, Insulation and more for Mechanical estimation. If you are a contractor looking for some experts for plumbing estimation work. We also evaluate the cost of pumps, valves, fixtures, piping, insulations, fittings and more.

    Guesstimate in concrete estimates can lead to project delays. That is why relying on expert concrete cost estimators is a wise decision! Our concrete estimation process is on point and covers various projects like foundations, footings, slabs, Rebars, pavers, driveways, garages, basements, and parking lots. As discussed earlier our team of experts uses modern tools to estimate all the trades to provide top-notch services to the clients. You need accurate material cost estimates to win the bid for the next project. So, take time out and outsource your concrete project to our construction estimating company.

    Our Painting Estimation provides accuracy and efficiency to support contractors in their projects. Our expert estimators provide detailed painting estimates, including precise material takeoffs, labor costs, and man-hours, ensuring minimal waste and maximum efficiency. From coatings and finishes to DTM, glazed, and specialized coatings, we cover a wide range of aspects, providing you with comprehensive information for walls, partitions, and other features.

    Our Metal Estimation methods support contractors in every step of their metal and steel projects. Our expert estimators deliver accurate material takeoffs, labor costs, and man-hours, ensuring you have all the essential information for a seamless construction process. From Structural Steel to Trusses, joists, decking, welding, Fabrication and miscellaneous metals, we cover a diverse range of steel components to meet your project’s unique requirements. We go the extra mile by providing detailed breakdowns for fabrication, erection, and connection work, empowering contractors to make informed decisions and optimize their construction processes.

    Discover our Masonry estimates, designed to simplify the lives of contractors working on brick, block, and stone projects. Our expert team ensures you get accurate material quantities, labour costs, and work hours, covering various aspects like Foundation walls,Shear walls,Stone Veneer and Brick veneer to provide you with clear and detailed information for seamless project management. Our construction estimating services are connected with contractors from all over the US. If you also want to get in touch with us for construction estimates online, our services are available 24/7.

    In our professional Drywall Estimation work, you will be provided with the quantification of drywall sheets, gypsum wall Boards, tape, joint compound, drywall screws, corner beads, labour costs, transportation costs, acoustic insulations, beads, Cut to Length studs, and others. You will see how we cover every aspect of drywall in our takeoffs. Multiple general contractors, drywall installers, homeowners, and designers come to us for drywall estimation. By partnering with us, you will never be disappointed by our services!

    Dealing with lumber estimates is our top expertise. Our cost experts leave no stone unturned as we carefully analyze lumber types, quantities, and specifications, streamlining procurement, optimizing budgets, and reducing waste. From Lumber Studs, Wood Joists, LVL Beams, PSL Beams, Pre Engineered Trusses to sheathing and trim, we’ve got all your lumber requirements covered. Outsource your Lumber projects to us and grab the most accurate estimates and takeoffs.

    Earthwork is very important to lay a solid foundation. We are glad to tell you that we cost estimate the cut and fill dirt, earthwork takeoffs, and site utility estimates for contractors. We understand the importance of a solid start in any construction project and begin the project on the right foot. Our sitework includes the expenses of soil removal, backfilling, compaction, Storm Sewer and Drainage utilities. Moreover, Landscaping, concrete driveways, asphalt, etc all are covered in our services. Our process also covers pavement seal coats, brick pavers, concrete pavers, and much more!

    Our Qualified Construction Estimators

    Our Construction Estimator Services are perfectly aligned with the project requirements. In our agency, only top estimators, engineers, quantity surveyors, and cost consultants are employed. They make sure that every estimate is super accurate and closest to the project budget. Our competent estimators try every possible way to cut costs and save the allocated finances. That is why our construction estimating company came to the top of this industry due to our highly qualified construction estimators.

    Professional Construction Estimating Services

    Construction Estimates for Civil Estimation

    SMA Estimating team possesses vast experience in producing comprehensive Estimates and Quantity Takeoffs for civil construction projects. We have actively contributed to the planning and Estimating of significant civil work takeoffs on Earthwork PRO, accurately accounting for Cut and Fill Quantities. As well as gathering essential information from bidders, material pricing, and project management considerations.

    Our dedication to precision ensures that every aspect of your civil construction project is meticulously evaluated and accounted for, empowering you to make informed decisions and achieve successful outcomes. Trust in our expertise as we navigate the complexities of civil construction and deliver reliable results tailored to your specific needs.

    Commercial Construction Estimate Services

    Our Commercial Construction Estimating Services and takeoffs are backed by a proven track record of success. With a history of delivering accurate and reliable estimates, we have earned the trust and confidence of our clients in various industries. From restaurants to airports, warehouses to hospitals, our expertise has been demonstrated in projects of diverse scopes and scales. With a competitive pricing model, we aim to provide you with exceptional value and support your in-house estimator in making informed decisions.

    We have successfully delivered accurate estimates and material takeoffs for projects ranging from $10 million to several hundred million dollars. Our commitment to excellence and reliability sets us apart, making us a trusted partner for businesses across various industries. Let us be your reliable partner in driving your commercial construction projects to new heights of success.

    Residential Construction Estimate Services

    Over the years, SMA Estimating has remained steadfast in delivering the most comprehensive and reliable Residential Construction Estimate Services. Our team of expert estimators has consistently supported residential contractors, architects, lenders, and homeowners with precise estimates and material takeoffs for a wide range of projects. From single-family homes to intricate multi-apartment constructions, our commitment to accuracy ensures that every detail is meticulously accounted for.

    Our residential estimates catalogue spans a wide range of services, including remodelling, renovation, house expansion, and new construction projects. With unparalleled attention to detail and a keen understanding of the residential sector, we ensure that every aspect of your project is accurately accounted for in our estimates.

    Construction Estimation Services for Public Sector

    SMA Estimating extends its expertise in construction estimation services to contractors, architects, developers, and engineers operating in the public sector domain. With our comprehensive approach, our estimates leave no detail unattended, featuring complete line item descriptions and CSI division classifications for each trade. Whether you are working on public sector projects or private ventures, our team is well-versed in addressing the unique requirements of your industry.

    Construction Estimating Services Near Me

    Finding Construction Estimating Services Near Me to win bids and stay within your budget? SMA Estimating LLC is privileged to tell you that we offer services all over the United States. Once you join hands with us, our team will help you surpass all your financial issues and end your project with success!

    Contact us to learn more about our company services! Just give it one chance and you will never regret it!

    We cover the following US states: New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, Phoenix, Philadelphia, San Antonio, San Diego, Dallas, San Jose, Austin, Jacksonville, San Francisco, Indianapolis, Columbus, Fort Worth, Charlotte, Seattle, Denver, Washington, D.C., Boston, Detroit, Nashville, Memphis, Portland, Atlanta, Miami, New Orleans, Minneapolis, St. Louis, Baltimore, Tampa, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Sacramento, Las Vegas, Orlando, Raleigh, Cleveland, Austin, Kansas City, San Jose, Oakland, Albuquerque, Milwaukee, Omaha, Tulsa, Wichita, Bakersfield, and Honolulu are just a few of the many cities.

    Experience the advantage of partnering with SMA Estimating, where our knowledge and experience are dedicated to supporting the success of your projects in the public sector. Trust in our precision and attention to detail, and let us be your trusted ally in achieving excellence

    How are Our Construction Estimating Services Reliable?

    At SMA Estimating LLC, we are the go-to choice of construction estimating services for many well-known contractors seeking professional and experienced construction estimates. Our reputation speaks for itself as contractors frequently rely on our expertise to ensure the success of their projects. By offering monthly takeoff packages, we enable contractors to save money while benefiting from our precise and efficient Construction Takeoff services. Our dedicated team of estimators works tirelessly to provide quick and productive solutions, assisting contractors at every stage of the building process.

    Damage and Claim Services

    Our building Estimator also works with the following types of damage and disaster circumstances.


    We have the knowledge and experience to prepare fire damage claims for many customers. Our Construction Estimator Services works with customers from all walks of life to resolve damage claims.


    Thanks to its highly competent and efficient staff of expert estimators, SMA now provides its potential clients with high-quality construction estimate services to estimate numerous losses sustained due to storms or natural catastrophes.


    We’re here with our expert Team of estimators to assist you in figuring out if you should expect a damage evaluation from your insurance company due to cyclone damage to property.

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